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Ewan.Music is a UK-based Music Producer, with a range of songs. He is young and has a unique style. The Cat Song is the most popular song right now.



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Ewan.Music on YouTube

Ewan.Music also has a YouTube channel! Be certain to subscribe to see more awesome content. On his YouTube, he doesn't only do music, but also does games and other fun stuff. Minecraft streams? YES!. Music? YEP. Fun Content? YESSS.


What Digital Audio Work Station Do You Use?

I use FL Studio 20, because I LOVE its piano roll editor and its simplicity. There's lifetime free updates, and has some great plugins included. I highly recommend!



On YouTube

For all of the Ewan.Music songs, there is a Synthesia video on YouTube. This is a cool piano thing where you can see notes and easily learn to play your favourite Ewan.Music songs on the piano! Have Fun!


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